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bead freak!

I was browsing etsy when I came across a fabulous bead shop called the Blue Echo 2. The beads have a very vintage feel and most are czech glass. She also has some authentic vintage pieces such as lockets she says were made using the age old cloisonné process.  I was curious, so I looked it up. Apparently, cloisonné is an ancient metalworking technique, is a multi-step enamel process used to produce jewelry, vases, and other decorative items. The technique first developped in the near east and spread to the Byzantine empire and from there to China. Here are some different beads and lockets from the shop:

frosted_ruby_beads glass_w_swirllg_square_foil_beads locket11


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Just bought…

I’d like to share with you some recent purchases I made off of etsy! First up is an art print by brandnameartist which was originally a woodcut design turned into laser print.  I really love the contrast, the texture and the movement inherent in this piece as well as the ‘raw feeling’ of it. I also purchased a beautiful handcrafted ‘French Princess Pendant’ from EXOTICO. I love the simple elegant, yet luxurious style all of her jewelry has, and I love all the ‘little things’ about this pendant such as the worn vintage look of the bronze beadcap contrasting the clean bright frosted look of the crystal and it even has a tiny gold nugget accent! Somehow even the name ‘french princess’ was calling me, heh heh! Here are pics:

right turtle

Art print from brandnameartist

French Princess Pendant

French Princess Pendant from EXOTICO


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Under $10

I’m becoming an etsy fiend. Seriously, I am starting to live and breathe it. In any case, I came across an interesting thread in the forums, which was ‘What items do you have for under $10?’ So I decided to post my favourite items from people’s shops for all you last minute holiday shoppers looking for something handmade and special, but that won’t turn your pockets inside out. You can click on any image to visit the sellers’ sites and purchase these items.

rain on trees print

rain on trees print - $9.50

hot pink scale earrings

hot pink scale earrings - $6.00

Green and Black Bracelet

Green and Black Bracelet - $10

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