Over thanksgiving break I was sitting around in my apartment when I heard a knock on my door at 8:30 a.m. To my surprise, our neighbors  (a few doors down) were standing there, telling me they had accidentally ‘slid’ into my boyfriend’s car. The crazy thing is, the car was PARKED when they hit it. When I walked outside and looked at the car, I could not believe what I was seeing! The car was half-up on the median, pushed out of it’s parking spot, the bumper was ripped entirely off the car and was lying on the ground, and the back wheel was actually folded up INSIDE the car like a transformer half put together. So I called my boyfriend (who was at his parents’ in Nashville for the holidays) as we were filing a police report, and told him not to panic but that his car was practically totaled. The neighbor’s insurance company is now paying for his rental, and his car is in the shop. Here are pics:

resize_image-4 resize_image-2resize_image-3


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